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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Download Torrent

  • Release date: 2020
  • Genre: Simulation / Games 2020
  • Developer: Asobo Studio
  • Game version: Update
  • Interface language: Russian, English, Multi
  • Voice language: English, Multi
  • Tablet: Present (HOODLUM)

Game Review

Microsoft Flight Simulator (colloquially known as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020)a is a flight simulator developed by Asobo Studio and published by Xbox Game Studios. 

It is an entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, which was first released in 1982, and preceded by Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It was released on August 18, 2020 for Microsoft Windows. It is the first game in the series to also get a console release, expected for the Xbox Series X and Series S in mid 2021.

Flight Simulator simulates the entire Earth using textures and data from Bing Maps, whilst three-dimensional representations of Earth's features are generated by Microsoft Azure's AI. 

It uses the Azure cloud to render visuals, enhance visual fidelity, and simulate real-world data and effects, as well as calculate physics. Some players received the alpha version as part of the game's Insider program.

Flight Simulator was released to critical acclaim, with praise for its graphical fidelity, with it being cited as the "safest way to travel" during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, criticism also arose for its loading times and some inaccurate rendering of landmarks.


Flight Simulator uses Turn 10 Studios's in-house developed game engine, and leverages Microsoft Azure data, containing over two petabytes of data taken from the cloud on demand. 

Video Gameplay


Gameplay screenshot from Microsoft Flight Simulator Gameplay screenshot from Microsoft Flight Simulator PC game Gameplay screenshot from Microsoft Flight Simulator full game Gameplay screenshot from Microsoft Flight Simulator

System Requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel i5-4460 | AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 770 | AMD Radeon RX 570
  • Storage: 121.37 GB

How to install the game Microsoft Flight Simulator?

  1. Copy the distribution content to any location, such as D:\Games
  2. Go to the folder X:\Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Premium Deluxe\HLM_Packages
  3. The folder contains 2 archives: Community. 7z-Premium Deluxe add-ons. and Official.7z - the main files for the game.
  4. You need to unpack the Official archive.7z to the current folder HLM_Packages, to do this, select the Official file.7z PCM and select WinRar - > "Extract to current folder".
  5. This is enough for the standard version of the game to work.
  6. If you need the Premium Deluxe add-on, unpack the Community.7z file
  7. After unpacking, you can delete the archives. You should get: X:\Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Premium Deluxe\HLM_Packages\Official  X:\Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Premium Deluxe\HLM_Package\CommunityFollow the path C:\Users\Your account\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator if there is no folder, create it!
  8. Creating the file UserCfg. opt
  9. This completes the installation of the game.Run the file FlightSimulator.exe.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Free Download Game

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reload, if the code cannot be seen

daniil Guests 29 August 2021 15:41
infinite loading. I followed guide.

Для тех, у кого не запускается игра, и висит вечная заставка вот что может помочь:
1.Включаем режим отображения скрытых файлов.
2.Идем по пути C:\Users\{Ваша учетная запись}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator.
3.Находим файл UserCfg.opt.
4 В конце файла редактируем последнюю строчку InstalledPackagesPath. Должно получиться InstalledPackagesPath "{диск, на котором лежит игра}:\{Папка с игрой}\Microsoft Flight Simulator\HLM_Packages"
~~И поставить "только для чтения" в случае если не помогло.~~ 
Murray Guests 20 February 2022 01:00
i downloaded the files and went to install and it won't install at all. Unzipped all packages and everything