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Stealth is a game genre in which players are required to pass levels stealthily. On this page you can choose any game in the Stealth genre and download it for free on your PC.

The first rudiments of mechanics began to appear in individual games of the 80s, but the genre finally took shape in the late 90s. The brightest and most iconic project was the Metal Gear Solid released in 1998 by Konami. It was in this series that the main directions of the development of Stealth games were determined.

The player is usually located in a spacious location patrolled by opponents. They greatly outnumber him and outnumber him. To complete the task, you need to move covertly or quietly eliminate enemies.

The main difference from shooters is that in such games, open confrontation is often not encouraged, or even fines for murders are imposed. The Splinter Cell and Hitman series are prime examples of such methods. Of course, most games offer a choice between quiet progress and noisy, but as a rule, characters are extremely weak in open combat. Often the protagonist is deprived of the opportunity to give any rebuff, or the enemy is invincible, which leaves practically no options for other styles of passage.

The heroes often have at their disposal non-lethal or weakly effective weapons, as well as special equipment, such as thermal imagers, heart rate detectors, or special abilities, if the action takes place in a fantastic setting.

To maintain stealth, players are provided with ample opportunities to interact with the environment: hide behind obstacles, in bushes, special objects (boxes, haystacks, etc.), climb into areas inaccessible to others and use darkened areas.

Often the passage of Stealth games is based on a preliminary study of the routes and behavior of the AI. Experienced players are quick to uncover all the AI ​​behaviors and achieve their goals relatively easily. Therefore, each developer tries to present something new and unusual in the behavior of artificial dummies, from which techniques that have proven themselves in one game may not work in another.

The development of the gaming industry has led to a mixture of genres. So, elements of stealth mechanics are successfully used in shooters, role-playing games and even strategies. They were especially widespread in the direction of Horror, where the player has to hide from terrifying creatures, and detection leads to the death of the hero. We offer you to download the latest version of stealth games for free via torrent right now.


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